The Art Police Warning on Artists: Lazy, vain, and selfish

How can artists become useful members of society ? Morally indifferent, lazy, vain, and selfish as they are, it's hard not to think of them as parasites, feeding on the wealth earned by You, the useful citizens. We have to begin to control their useless lifestyles, eating away at our effectiveness. They want control, they dream of being useful, they suffer from being artists. Why do they always have to wear plaid ? Why do they appear so arrogant ? They are a degenerating element in our midst. We need every member of society to become aware of the threat they pose. We don't need fruitless deep thought, we don't need futile attempts at being clever, we don't need 'beauty'. We need You, the concerned citizens, to report to us any incident of parasitical activities in Your surroundings. Anyone wearing funny hats or other conspirative clothing may be a potentially dangerous subject ! Be watchful and report to us directly. our Art Police Officer always has an open ear for Your observations. Email us at: b222 at b222.de



Roth-Händel Light

Ostfriese mit Lapsang

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